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The Appeal of La Grande Oregon Real Estate

The city of La Grande in Oregon is a beautiful, mountainous community that has a population of approximately 13,000. Although this is a quaint little town, it actually has a long history that dates back to 1860s wherein its first settlers resided in a cabin they've built on their own. The topography of the area has also impacted the lifestyle, activities, and choice of housing for these people. Indeed, the community, its people, and their way of life has become some sort of intertwined. The Appeal of La Grande Oregon Real Estate

All of these factors combine to make La Grande Oregon real estate quite appealing to homebuyers.  La Grande did not quite rise to the surface as a potential option for homebuyers in Oregon. It rests on the edge of the valley and on the foot of the mountain, which renders it a more laid back atmosphere that is ideal for those who prefer the idyllic lifestyle. As the big cities become densely populated, particularly in the more popular cities of Oregon such as Portland, home buyers are starting to look elsewhere.

In addition to its idyllic atmosphere, La Grande is actually a booming county. This, after all, is where the Eastern Oregon University is located and it is one of the most recognized educational institutions in the state. The county also has its own Grande Ronde Hospital situated right along the base of a valley floor, which in itself offers a spectacular view of the surrounding cities. And to top it off, the economy is flourishing for La Grande with all types of businesses ranging from outdoor supplies store, retailers, gift shops, antique stores, and restaurants.

The lesser amount of competition in terms of buyers in the La Grande Oregon real estate market is the reason behind the affordable housing in the area. La Grande and its capital city, Union City, are two of the fastest growing real estate markets in the state, which many predict to continue to rise in the coming years. 

The friendly and homey atmosphere offered by La Grande, Oregon is not the only reason why home buyers are drawn to it. The diversity of your homes and property options is the biggest factor. There is nothing quite like Oregon to offer a mix of rural and city life. Hence, you can take your pick according to whatever you prefer. Small town living in La Grande, to be specific, is capturing the attention of many such that one can get affordable housing deals and still within close proximity to the major cities.

As of January 2012, home prices in La Grande Oregon are listed at an average of $159,900. The lowest price was listed way back in December 2010 wherein homes and properties were sold for only $145,000. This median price goes up 10.3 percent from the figures from last year. But still, this is a good price when compared with other cities in Oregon such as Cove ($229,000) and Summerville ($237,500).

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