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Cove Ranch for Sale in Union County


Are you interested in owning a ranch in Union County, Oregon? Union County, Oregon is a gorgeous community located in Northeast Oregon. Among the many homes for sale in Union County, Oregon there are plenty of properties suited for those interested in rural living. There is a large farming community within Union County including ranches such as the Cove Ranch.

Located in Cove, Oregon, the Cove Ranch in Union County is a 200 acres plot with an amazing view, large shop, barn and home. Some timber, hay ground, and pasture. Call us to schedule an appointment and explore the potential of this property. During the walkthrough, we will discuss key features of the property such as the number of animals the lands allots for, and any other information that might be important to you as a buyer.  

If you’re interested in ranch life, contact our office at 541-963-5450 and ask about Cove Ranch to schedule a visit. The agents here at Ranch N Home have extensive experience with ranches and farms from our community, we are eager to help ease the process for you and your family.


Ranch life here is pleasant. Watch the video below and get a better idea of all that Cove Ranch has to offer.


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