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Ranches and Farms for Sale in N. E. Oregon

Are you thinking about purchasing a ranch or farm in La Grande, Oregon? La Grande is a gorgeous community located in the Northeast corner of Oregon in Union County. The mountainous community is home to approximately 13,000 residents, including many farmers and families who have chosen the rural life.

Situated near the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest, there is a limitless amount of outdoor opportunities for residents within the county, and acres of untouched land surrounding the city, as well as within the neighborhoods that make up La Grande. Majestic scenery and wildlife are just part of what attracts people to settle here. In addition to the adventure lifestyle that attracts outdoor enthusiast to La Grande, downtown La Grande features a pedestrian-friendly shopping district, situated nearby Eastern Oregon State University, the local college campus.

La Grande is unique in offering big city conveniences without having to compromise on the serenity that comes from living in a small town. Farmers are attracted to the area for advantages such as these. This has lead to an increase in the farming community, a fact that is evident at the local farmers market where a myriad of local farmers and products can be found.

If you’re interested in joining those numbers you can read more about your options by clicking the links below. 

Baker Valley, Oregon
8501 acres m/l

TK Ranch  SOLD
Cove, Oregon
233 acres m/l

Grazing Tract  SOLD
Union County, Oregon
563.5 acres (338 acres m/l of tillable land)

Cove Ranch  SOLD
Cove, Oregon
200 acres

66589 Hunter Rd La Grande Oregon SOLD                                                                                       160 acres

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