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Tips for Selling La Grande Oregon Homes

If you are thinking of selling your La Grande real estate there are some ways to stay focused and get prepared ahead of the game. Our agents are skilled in marketing and advertising your home and our network of real estate related selling La Grande real estateconnections all over the country can help broaden the exposure of your home.

Here are some helpful tips to get you set up right when selling your home or property.

1. Prepare the home for showing

Do this before you even have an agent look at it. The way it is now may be fine, but if your home needs work, pricing it now could lower the price invariably. If you have lived in your home for any length of time, it's hard to have a neutral eye to things but try and imagine if you were a buyer looking at the home for the first time. What are things you would change? Update? Repair? These are all things that are fairly visible to you, the homeowner so to a buyer, they would be even more obvious.

2. Consider having an inspection done

This may be something worth doing ahead of listing. Even though buyers will probably have one done at their expense, having one done ahead of time will tell buyers you are a motivated seller willing to do all you can to make sure the home is top notch. An inspection will tell you what buyers will need to fix or take care of so doing this now can save you the hassle later when closing times are of the essence.

3. Stage it properly

The best way to learn about this is to visit model homes and open houses in the area. You can get a good idea what your buyers will be seeing in comparison to your home and get a feel for what you may need to do to step it up. Model homes often have professional stagers come through so setting the flow of rooms and decor up like these homes will get you started on the right foot. Make sure colors are warm and neutral, decor is non-gender specific and not personal (no family photos) and there is no clutter in each room or area.

4. Price it right

This is not the market to price high and see what happens. If you are a serious seller (and only serious sellers should be in the market right now) you will price it right the first time. Remember, you will be competing with short sales and foreclosures that are way below market value. You must offer the buyers something they don't have if you are going to price it higher.

5. Find an agent you trust with good experience

You need an agent that has weathered all markets and knows how to price and sell in each. Our agents have years of experience and can market and sell your home or land for the most the market will allow. Our agents will be happy to offer a free listing presentation and go over the home with suggestions and tips for staging and listing it right.

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